ICAVT - International Collaboration for Advanced Vaccinology Training

Important elements (i.e. minimum elements suggested)
to appear on the respective vaccinology courses websites

  • Name of the course
  • Date of the next course(s)
  • Organizing institutions (Main organizing institution(s) and other institution(s) collaborating in the course
  • Country (ies) where training is held and exact location of the course
  • Contact email
  • Registration fees for the courses and accommodation expenses
  • Funding sources for the course organization and declaration of interests of the main organizing group
  • Funding and fellowships/scholarships available to support the participation of the students if any
  • Year when the course was established (optional)
  • Type of training and duration (i.e. short course, MSc, other graduating training, post graduate specialized course)
  • Target audience and educational prerequisite for participants if any
  • Approximate number of students accepted in the course
  • Reach of the course national, regional or global in nature?
  • Participants selection process
  • Trainees evaluation process during the course if any
  • Language(s) in which the course is held
  • Main objectives of the course and general topics covered. It is recommended to post the latest course programme.
  • Format of training (plenary lectures, work groups, e-learning,…)
  • Certification or credits available for attendees
  • Availability of activities aimed at updating the knowledge of participants after the course and existence of an alumni network if any
  • A visible link to the global vaccinology training listing page