About the collaboration

The idea behind this collaboration was proposed and strongly supported by the participants of a vaccinology course training workshop held on 7–8 November 2018, at the initiative of the Advanced Course of Vaccinology (ADVAC). This workshop was attended by the leaders of 26 advanced vaccinology courses who met to carry out an extensive review of the existing courses worldwide, in order to identify education gaps and future needs as well as discuss potential collaboration.

An informal network, the International Collaboration on Advanced Vaccinology Training (ICAVT), was established at the first workshop in 2018.

A second workshop was organized 22–24 March 2022 in Annecy, France, where leaders of 33 advanced vaccinology courses and partners met to advance the aims of ICAVT, assist participating courses in addressing priority area challenges, facilitate interactions as well as to formalise the Collaboration. 

Timeline of key events and publications for ICAVT

2018 1st Vaccinology course training workshop: 7–8 November 2018

2019 Report from workshop: Duclos P, et al. Global vaccinology training:
Report from an ADVAC workshop. Vaccine. 2019; Volume 37, Issue 22, Pages 2871-2881
2020 Asturias E. et al. Advanced vaccinology education:
Landscaping its growth and global footprint. Vaccine, 2020, Volume 38, Issue 30, Pages 4664-4670

Several virtual planning meetings

2022 2nd Vaccinology course training workshop: 22-24 March 2022
ICAVT formalised, website updated, steering committee elected